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Sorry for any inconvenience. Please keep in mind all mattresses are encased in a complete mattress enclosure with an additional plastic cover lining for easy maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing.

Additional Guests/Visitors: No additional Guests or visitors allowed on any part of property during your stay.  Your reservation limits your party.  Prior approval for day guests may be granted at a $10 per additional guest. Absolutely no additional day pets allowed.

BOAT LAUNCH May Not be readily available and may incur a $5.00 per day launch fee.

Replacement cost may be added to your bill for missing or damaged items, such as missing or broken appliances, missing and/or damaged shower curtains, plates, bowls, coffee mugs and utensils. Normal wear and tear is expected.

May be available on our property for a minimum cost. First five sticks free (if available) $1.50 per stick after the first five. Please inquire when booking.

Is not available and must be supplied by guest

Cabins/RV's areas should be left as clean as possible or a CLEANING FEE of $30 will be added to your final bill, please keep your area clean.
  • Please bring your own sheets, towels, pillows and blankets.
  • Please don’t leave trash outside if not in container
  • Children under age of 18 must ALWAYS be supervised by adults
  • Please no loud or objectionable music or yelling.... be respectful to other guests Quiet Time is at 9:00pm.
  • Please DON’T CLEAN FISH IN CABINS, NO fish discards in common area trash cans PLEASE. Fish debris must be double bagged/sealed and put in metal trash bin next to entrance or taken far out into the lake and discarded. No fish debris around swimming areas or piers.
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS outside the cabins - kids like to run barefoot
  • Please discard leftover food perishables before leaving
  • Fire pits should not be left unattended. Guests must monitor any burn bans and will pay any associated fees/fines.
  • NO SMOKING in cabins, A $100.00 fee will be added.
  • All signs located on the property shall be obeyed. 
9pm - 9am

Two cars in front of each cabin as to not block your neighbors view to the lake. NO DRIVING/PARKING ON THE GRASS.
​Parking is clearly marked. Any additional vehicles and trailers must get prior approval for parking.

All trash must be put into appropriate containers outside of cabins prior to leaving.  RV renters will put all trash in 3 yard dumpster located at road when leaving.  There shall be no hazardous waste dumping on grounds or in trash containers/dumpster ( not limited to paint, chemicals, tires, batteries, etc.) Cigarette butts will be thrown out with trash and shall not be discarded on any grounds (subject to $15 charge per occurrence) .  Any violations will be subject to Federal, State, County and Local fines payable by violator.

  • Pets are allowed in designated cabins/rv areas. pets must be well behaved, and must be above the age of 1 year, pet must be on leash, penned or chained while outside. Pets must be controlled by an adult who is more than capable. Owner must immediately pick up after pet ($15 fine per occurrence). 
An additional $30 per pet charge will apply. 2 pet maximum no exceptions.
  • NO pets allowed on furniture or beds.
  • Bathing of pets aren't allowed in cabins or on any parts of premises.
  • NO wet pets allowed in cabins.

​****Waterfront has the sole discretion to disallow breeds and number of pets. Not all breeds will be accepted. *****
  • Pets are allowed with RV renters and must be leashed, penned, or chained while outside.  RV owners will ensure daily clean-up after pets within RV park on walking paths, drives, and, parking areas daily.

****Additional fees may apply if policies are not followed.****

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